Programme for 2021

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic all meetings are currently being held virtually using Zoom. 

Members should refer to their emails for details on how to join in.

In normal circumstances we usually meet in Andrews Memorial Primary School, Comber.

Throughout the summer months we also run a programme at our Apiary site.



3/1/21…(Sun) Api- bioxal collection - details have been emailed to members


28/1/21... (Thurs) Association meeting 7:30pm via Zoom.

Presentation from Dr Victor Onyekachi Asuzu titled "Beekeeping In Nigeria- Practice, Research and Outputs.

Victor recently completed a PhD at QUB in molecular immunology, is also a beekeeper and will be giving us his presentation all the way from Nigeria about his interesting background and also the medicinal applications of bee products as health benefits.


Members should check their email for details on how to join us.

20/1/21 (Wed) preliminary Beekeeping Course starts


In January and February being held in place of The Annual Conference: 

Each date must be registered for individually. Follow the links below: 


Tues 12/1/21

Tues 19/1/21

Wed 27/1/20

Wed 3/2/21

Thurs 11/2/21

Thurs 18/2/21



24/2/21...  (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm via zoom

Spring Management - A presentation with Keith Pierce 

Keith is a master Beekeeper from Dublin and has be beekeeping for more than 25 years selectively rearing native dark irish Black Queens - Apis mellifera mellifera.


24/3/21 ...  (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm via zoom

A presentation with  Vanessa Drew from Dromore BKA

Vanessa will be telling us about her experiences and adventures as a beekeeper in New Zealand.


28/4/21…  (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm via zoom

A presentation with Jonathan Getty from Belfast BKA 

Introducing A Queen to a Colony.


26/5/21…  (Wed) Association meeting 7.30pm via zoom

Sebastian Owen from Vita Bee Health

Will be presenting his popular talk at the moment: 

Nutrition – it isn’t all about the sugar, honey.


23/6/20… Association meeting: Details tbc


No Meeting


Gormanstown Summer course


25/8/21... Association meeting : Details tbc


27/8/21... (Sat) Apigard demo and talk about varroa treatment at our Apiary.

Details and directions tbc and will be emailed to members.



22/9/21… Association meeting :Details tbc



27/10/21…  Association meeting :Details tbc


24/11/21… Association meeting: Details tbc


15/12/21 Association meeting: Details tbc