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Welcome to

The Killinchy Beekeepers Association

We are an Association of Beekeepers in the Killinchy District and surrounding area of County Down in Northern Ireland.


Our aim is to promote the craft of beekeeping by providing the education necessary to maintain happy healthy colonies of honey bees and fellowship among beekeepers.

We usually meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, providing an informative and entertaining programme of talks and events throughout the year.

If you are not a beekeeper yet, we hope this site will help you become better informed about bees and beekeeping and be impressed and amazed (like the rest of us) by all that beekeeping entails.


Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have. 

The Introduction to Beekeeping Course

has now commenced for 2024

and is closed for booking. 

Swarm of Bees


APRIL 2024

ASSOCIATION MEETING: 24/4/24:... (Wed)

This will be held in 1st Comber Presbyterian Church Hall , High Street, Comber.

There is a car park on the opposite side of the road.

Find it here using this google link.

We have a busy evening planned, with some of our members sharing their expertise, all about Beeswax!

Conall McCaughey will give us a presentation about the science behind how honeybees make their wax alongside some of his wonderful photography.

Mervyn Warrington will share with us the methods he uses to clean his beeswax from frame to a large block.

Fred Warden is going to show us his device for melting and filtering the wax using a steamer.

Gwen Earnshaw is going to show us and share tips on how to give wax its final clean in preparation for showing or using as a skincare ingredient followed by a short demo on how to use your beeswax to make your own lip balm at home. 

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