Courses are run by Local Associations in conjunction with The Ulster Beekeepers Association, CAFRE and endorsed by The Open College Network NI (OCN NI).


The venue, equipment and qualified trainers are provided and the courses lead to an exam usually in March or April.

The courses are great fun and very interesting. 


Currently due to Covid 19 restrictions, classes may be a combination of face to face meetings and zoom.


Introduction to Beekeeping

(previously called Preliminary Beekeeping Certificate)

Starts Mid Feb 2022

This Preliminary Beekeeping course is aimed at those with an interest in, or who may be thinking about keeping bees, but have not yet attended a course. It covers the basics of beekeeping from setting up an apiary and acquiring bees to health & safety, hive management, swarm control, disease control and honey production. 

Proficiency in Beekeeping

(previously called Intermediate Certificate in Beekeeping) 

Starts Nov 2021

This Intermediate level Beekeeping course builds on the knowledge gained from the beginners course and improves the understanding of both the scientific and practical aspects of beekeeping.