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Programme for 2023 - 2024

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

 They are a blend of in-person get togethers and occasional virtual, using Zoom. 

Members should refer to their emails for details on how to join in.

For the months of November 2023 - March 2024 we will meet in Strangford Yacht Sailing Club at Whiterock near Killinchy. 

Throughout the summer months we also run a programme at our Apiary site.



Api-bioxal demonstration and collection - details will be emailed to members.

25/1/23 ... (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm

A Zoom presentation from Bees for Development 


UBKA Conference at CAFRE, Greenmount Campus

Fri 17th & Sat 18th FEB

for booking please visit


22/2/23...   (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm

The speaker for the evening will be our own Chairperson Keith Rolleston, and his subject will be 'My Beekeeping Journey/Beekeeping Year'



23/3/22...   (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm

Our member Conall McCaughey will give us a talk on his beekeeping experiences and in particular, his wonderful photography in relation to bees and plants.

One of Conall's photographs recently won a prize in a national photo competition In the Beecraft Mag.


Fran Benton from Queens University will give us a talk on her project, 'Pollen preferences in Bees'.

Fran is doing a Ph.D with QUB and has spent a year in Germany working with Prof Robert Paxton, head of Zoology at Wittenberg University.

Fran is keen to explain her work and would like to receive samples of honey from our members to be analysed to ascertain what pollen sources they are working on.

This should be an interesting evening with two very different subjects being presented so please come along and support our speakers.


26/4/23…  (Wed) Association Meeting

The Irish Apiculture Programme: Investigating the impact of multiple stressors on honey bees.

Our April speaker will be Dr Darren O’Connell of University College Dublin.

As part of Ireland’s National Apiculture Programme, Darren has conducted a comprehensive investigation into the prevalence of diseases and pesticide residues in Irish bee colonies.  Over 160 apiaries have taken part in the study including some from KBKA members.

All the major bee diseases including virus pathogens were tested for, as were insecticides, fungicides and herbicides used in local agriculture.

This talk offers the chance to catch up the results of what is a valuable and unique study of honey bees in Ireland.


24/5/23…  (Wed) Association Meeting 7.30pm

In Andrews Memorial PS, Comber.

Our speaker will be Hanna Fullerton, a Conservation Officer with BUGLIFE.

and insect and invertabrate conservation trust.

Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates and actively working to save our rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice and jumping spiders to jellyfish.

As well as talking about her work for the charity here in Northern Ireland, Hanna will be giving us tips on how to improve our gardens for pollinators and help with identifying bumble bees.


30/6//23…  (Fri) Association Meeting

Summer BBQ

members should see check their email for details

and to confirm their attendance


26/8/22... (Sat)

Apigard demo and talk about varroa treatment at our Apiary with BBQ

Details and directions tbc and will be emailed to members.


9/9/23... (Sat)

The Comber Horticultural show will be held again this year.

Traditionally this has been the local honey show connected with Killinchy Beekeepers Association and we are keen to see as many members take part as possible. 

It is great fun to take part and who knows you may even win. There are multiple chances for KBKA members to win cash prizes and even silverware!

The show also has all the usual horticultural classes for fruit and Veg and flowers and jam etc.

Make sure to come along and support the show- it is a great event even if you are not entering honey and you can get a nice cup of tea and a bun or two.

The show schedule and entry details can be found attached to the email sent to members on Aug 11th.

Hope to see you there!

27/9//22…  (Wed) Association meeting 7.20 for 7.30pm 

AGM and Mead Making with Trevor Dawson

We are always looking for new committee members to bring fresh perspective and new ideas to the association.

If you think you might like join us this year or just want to have a chat about it then please get in touch.

Following the short AGM, Trevor Dawson will give us a demo and a talk about his Mead Making exploits. Trevor is a beekeeping member and secretary for Randalstown & District Beekeepers.  



25/10/23…  (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm

Our member Valerie McMullan will give us a presentation on her beekeeping journey to date, "A bee keeping story, from enthusiastic beginner to semi-retired."



22/11/23… (Wed) Association meeting:  7.30pm

Bringing a little bit of Nature to our evening:

Katy Bell from The Ulster Wildlife Trust will be giving us a talk about "bee friendly and wildlife gardening." 

You Can Donate the The Ulster Wildlife Trust Here

This will be held at Strangford Lough Sailing Club.

Members should see their email for further details.


13/12/23 :... (Wed) Christmas social evening.

At Kilmood Parish Church Hall.

More info to be sent to members by email.


5/1/24:... (Wed)

Api-Bioxal Demo at the apiary


24/1/24:... (Wed)

Expert at your table 


16-17/2/24:... (Wed)

UBKA Conference at Greenmount, CAFRE 


28/2/24:... (Wed)

Presentation on Foul Broods with Chris Hodges

MARCH 2024

27/3/24:... (Wed)

Presentation on Swarm prevention with Valentine Hodges

APRIL 2024

24/4/24:... (Wed)

Beeswax Alchemy

MAY 2024


Balmoral Show with UBKA members stand

22/5/24:... (Wed)

Honey preparation for Showing

JUNE 2024

22/6/24:... (Sat)

BBQ at Association Apiary

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