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Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month in Andrews Memorial Primary School, Comber

Throughout the summer months we also run a programme at our Apiary site.



25/9/19... Association meeting: Venue change to Comber Leisure Centre. Please ask at reception for directions to the meeting room

AGM Everyone welcome - followed by a presentation from Chris Hodges about his and Valentines experience in July as the adult companions of the young adults selected to represent Northern Ireland at the international meeting of young beekeepers 2019 in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. 

The below absence of details are yet to be confirmed:


23/10/19... Association meeting: 

Our members Rachael Ludlow Williams and Brendan McNamara will be sharing with us their wealth of knowledge about bee friendly plants and leaning how to propagate by sowing seeds, taking cuttings and grafting. A hands on evening … please see email for what you will need to bring along.


20/11/19.... the 3rd wed! (not our usual 4th)

The Tudor cinema for “a night out at the pictures” to watch “More than Honey”  - a film by Markus Inhoof, a Swiss filmmaker looking into the fascinating world of bees and Swiss beekeepers which explores the relationship between bees and mankind and nature.

Narration is by the actor John Hurt.

It will be a 7.30 for 8.00 start.

If you haven’t heard of it before, the Tudor 66 seat cinema is one of two cinemas owned by brothers Roy and Noel Spence at 22a Drumhirk Rd, just outside Comber BT23 5LY

The cost is £10 per person, the profit made after running costs will donated to charity. Drinks and nibbles are included.

Invites and details will be emailed to members for RSVP



18/12/19..DECEMBER 18/12/19.... WEDNESDAY 

7 for 7.30 sit down

Mulled Wine - Dinner - Ballot - Magician - BYO

Invites and details will be emailed to members

RSVP by Sunday 8th Dec latest please 

x Please see email for details on change of venue x



4/1/20…(Sat) Api-Bioxal treatment and BBQ at our Apiary 11 am start


17/1/20... (Fri 17th) Association Dinner at The Sugarcane Bistro on the square in Comber. Booking details as per email.

15/1/20 (Wed) preliminary Beekeeping Course starts


22/1/19 Association meeting:

Members night: Tales from some of our members, gadgets, gizmos and more...


14-15/2/20  (Fri and Sat) UBKA Annual Conference at Greenmount CAFRE Campus, Antrim 


26/2/20…Association meeting:

JOHN HILL from RANDBKA - Randalstown and District Beekeepers Association will be giving us an update on The ASIAN HORNET  



7/3/20 Sat Clean up at the Apiary 11am

Please bring a strimmer and other suitable tidy up tools.


25/3/20… Association meeting:

Nuc Raising - for the busy beekeeper with Irene Power.

Irene Power comes from a well-known and successful beekeeping family. She has had many successes in honey shows in Ireland and London. Irene is a member of South Tipperary Beekeepers Association & former Secretary of the Clonmel Honey Show (Largest Honey Show in Ireland). She recently gave a great presentation at the UBKA conference in March 2019

Irene provides beginners courses, Intermediate & Senior Study Groups in county Limerick and helps with outdoor demonstrations in South Tipperary. She is a very practical beekeeper who maintains 15 – 20 colonies, with keen interests in honey bee health and queen rearing & honey production.

Lecture Title: “Nuc raising for the busy beekeeper”

The age of beekeepers in recent years has lowered, with many in full time employment, possibly with young families and other interests that have a demand on leisure time.

The amount of work involved with limited time requires extra planning, organisation and management methods to suit. You often get one opportunity to complete tasks in the apiary, as you may not be available tomorrow or 2/3/5 days time that some manipulations demand.

I will also talk about how I have brought my passion into my work environment and created a link between my hobby & my full time job in a technology company.  Also, this lecture will touch on how Bees can teach business about organisational management & productivity.

Fri 14th and Sat 15th Feb 2020... UBKA Annual Conference 


22/4/20… Association meeting:


27/5/20…  Association meeting:


24/6/20…Summer BBQ at our Apiary


No Meeting


/8/20 Gormanstown Summer course


26/8/20... Association meeting:


29/8/20... (Sat) Apigard demo and talk about varroa treatment at our Apiary.

Details and directions tbc and will be emailed to members.

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