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Sex is central to many of the processes in beekeeping. How bees, colonies, plants and parasites reproduce and communicate is the theme of this year’s conference along with a review of medicines and the effects of agrichemicals.



A huge welcome to Professor Juliana Rangel on her first visit to Greenmount College. Juliana is originally from Colombia and has worked with Tom Seeley at Cornell where she obtained her PhD. In 2013, she became the Assistant Professor in Apiculture at Texas A&M University. She will be covering many of her research interests in bee mating, swarming and assessing the qualities of queens and drones. She will be giving an interactive presentation on Queen Rearing with the minimum of props. She is heavily involved in the activities of undergraduates and postgraduates coaching the teams for the Linnaean Games, an entomology equivalent of University Challenge. She also found time to be the President of the American Association of Professional Apiculturists.


Dara Kilmartin comes from Dublin where he works as an ophthalmic surgeon and is therefore well qualified to give us an in depth look at Bee Vision, a sense so vital for drones to find queens. Dara delivered this talk for his Certified Federation Lectureship at Gormanston 2016 to critical acclaim.


When it comes to hard drugs, Norman Carreck will give us insight into Neonicotinoids and the other chemicals that have been used to curtail plant pests but have had a detrimental effect on the good girls. Norman is the editor in chief at IBRA and the Journal of Apicultural research. He is making a welcome return to Greenmount.


Tony Harris is a bee farmer from the Moray area in Scotland. He recently attained the NDB qualification and teaches widely all over the country. He lectured for the UBKA in the Health Roadshow and the Seminars for senior candidates. Tony will be covering the Rock and Roll of bee dances, botany and Nuc production.


Jonathan Getty is a fourth generation beekeeper. He keeps about 70 colonies in the greater Belfast area and is the Secretary of the Belfast Association. A keen advocate of the Irish black bee he has close involvement with the Native Irish Honeybee Society, NIHBS. He will be describing the running of a queen rearing group which he started some years ago.


Megan Seymour has been keeping bees for 25 years and has about 25 colonies. A seasonal bee inspector since 2008 she has recently taken on job sharing a regional bee inspector role. She will be dealing with the drugs we use as medicines and giving an insight into the inbred world of Varroa mites.


Patrick Lundy is a highly experienced senior beekeeper and a member of Dromore Beekeepers Association and currently Chairman of Ulster Beekeepers. He has completed his Certified Federation Lectureship and has a wide interest in all things bee. He will be covering Swarm Prevention and Control which is the family planning of beekeeping.



Beekeeping Made Simple is a seminar aimed at our new/novice beekeepers. A panel of UBKA tutors and experienced beekeepers will hold a question and answer session to discuss your beekeeping experience and queries. An opportunity to find answers to those questions you always wanted to ask.


Queen Rearing, this is a workshop designed to help you through queen rearing procedures. Jonathan Getty will go through some of the necessary steps including grafting larvae. This will be subject to the availability of larvae in mid March. Booking is essential as there are limited places. Please guarantee your place by emailing


Billy Millar once again will be demonstrating Hive-building skills in the Woodwork Workshop throughout the conference. Billy will divulge lots of useful tips and tricks to make the process easier and pleasurable.


Two sessions of the Microscopy Workshop will be running under the watchful eye of Sam Clawson. AFBI will hold a bee disease display in the same classroom. Places are limited so booking is essential to guarantee your place, please email:


Skep-making has proved extremely popular year on year. Louise McClean returns with expertise galore in this fascinating craft. Delegates will be able to start the process and will be able to purchase the materials to finish their project.


Again places are limited so booking is essential to guarantee your place, please email: 

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